Interactive Designer


UX, and visual design
Responsibilities include ideation, rapid exploration, visual design, production design, animation guidelines and QA.

Product collaboration and research
Interviewed product team and producers for insight on app functionality and converted learnings into actionable user experience and design features.

Our goal was to encourage users to explore the new fonts and add them to their Format portfolio.


Our challenge
With the addition of over 18+ new font families added to Format portfolios, we were tasked in creating a marketing piece that celebrates this update to our platform.

Functionality inspired by our platform
The initial concept was intended to be a "cool" branding piece. Through collaboration with the product team, the experience evolved to give users a way to explore the new fonts by giving them customization options that are also present in the Format web app. 

Killing the quick brown fox (no animals were harmed)
Through our surveys, we found that our users would prefer seeing how a font looks using a real sentence than seeing it in the english-language pangram we are all too familiar with.


Over 15% of users are now using the new fonts on their Format portfolios.


Building with modular features à la carte
Early concepts offered different options for font exploration, and a way to discover the history of the new typefaces. We designed with the intent of adding or removing features based on budget, while keeping the core of the experience intact.