Facebook Events

Interactive Designer



Visual design and production
Responsibilities include ideation, rapid exploration, user experience, visual design, production design, and animation guidelines.

Working with Facebook
Worked closely with user experience designers, project managers and client-side project owners and stakeholders. I also interfaced directly with the Facebook Events team presenting design proposals and high fidelity design solutions.

Our goal was to create a highly communicative and streamlined website on-boarding users about the new features on Facebook Events.


Build for every possible browser 👨‍💻
We needed to create a site that looked great and loaded on as many browsers and platforms as possible. We approached design of mobile and desktop with equal focus to ensure a consistent experience, no matter the screen size.


How do I create an Event using Facebook? 🤔
The navigation we implemented highlights the necessary information required when creating an event and ties in with the new features that Facebook wants to call out.

Creating an invitation, keeping track of RSVPs or connecting with guests are just among the many ways you’d want to learn about how to throw an event while using Facebook. Clicking on these sub navigation items while allow a user to quickly bring the user to the information they are looking for.


How do we sherpa users through features?
While an early iteration used a traditional format, our teams agreed that  a snap scrolling feature would be used to smoothly guide the user. This allows them to progress through content at their leisure or at a glance by switching categories, without skipping a beat.