Facebook News Feed

Interactive Designer

The Furrow



Visual design and interaction
Responsibilities include brainstorming, rapid exploration, visual design, production design, and animation guidelines.

Working with Facebook
Worked closely with creative strategists, writers, ux designers, product designers, illustrators/animators, project managers and client-side project owners and stakeholders. I was also able to interface directly with the Facebook team presenting design solutions and high fidelity mockups.

Our goal was to provide clarity on News Feed's mission and values, how it works and how you can control your experience.

How can we create resonance?
Current users who want to learn about how their News Feed works would be directed to Facebook Help Center -  a traditional FAQ microsite connected to the main URL.

The information Facebook needed to communicate lends well to journalistic storytelling, while other information is more editorial. Our approach to telling their narrative favours variety so as to feel whole and cohesive.

Additionally, we aimed to make information more memorable to users by minimizing generic statements and provide meaningful and insightful information so that our message is clear and direct.


How do we engage users successfully?
Facebook empowers users to control what they see in their News Feed. To facilitate this further we added interactive layers throughout the experience.

We ensured each message is communicated successfully and that people are engaged. We’ve approached the menu navigation systematically like a book, each chapter is indicated and visually differentiated from minor pages.

But does it feel like Facebook? 👍
The site would serve as a destination point for global policymakers, publishers and press, but should also feel welcoming for intended consumers seeking additional information about News Feed.

Our process involved very rapid ideation and explorations. Our team iterated on numerous layouts, illustration styles, and navigation until we found a happy medium between form and function. 

The finalized art direction embraced an aesthetic that leverages Facebook's user friendly design to connect with a wide demographic.