Sakura Dream

Interactive Designer

Art Direction
Adam Romano




Interaction design and production
Responsibilities include ideation, rapid exploration, visual design, production design, sound design direction, and animation guidelines for navigation and interaction.

Collaborating with Google 
Worked closely with producers, developers and client-side project owners and stakeholders from Google and Unilever Japan. 

We created a Street View experience that brings cherry blossom trees to urban streetscapes everywhere.


Understanding cultural significance 🇯🇵🌸
Sakura trees represent beauty and spirit. For two short weeks, all over Japan, people gather to celebrate this traditional milestone. We spoked extensively with our partners at Google & Unilever Japan to understand our audience and how we could speak to them. The signifiance of cherry blossom trees extend back hundreds of years into Japanese culture. It represents fragility and beauty of life.

Designing with intent
Our design approach was to capture the beauty and delicacy of Sakura, while extending the dream-like feel of the Lux product.


Leveraging familiar UX patterns
Inviting users to a new experience has its' challenges. Users have to learn how to navigate the site and do whatever it is we are inviting them to do. We wanted to make the experience more enjoyable by leveraging UX patterns that users have been familiar with for years. The main navigation bar borrowed directly from Google Maps, so that users would instantly know how to navigate the experience.

Creating experiential audio
Our experience involved sound and ambiance. We worked with our partners at Cypher Audio with an approach that strives to capture the beauty and delicacy of Sakura. Inspired by the sound therapy and the extended sounds of Japanese temple bells, the result was a zen-like ambiance that felt natural and soothing. 

Our experience created 250,000,000+ impressions, resulting in 500,000 bottles of Sakura Lux Luminique sold in the first week, exceeding sales targets by 960%