Seven Digital Deadly Sins

Production Designer

Adam Romano
Leigh Whipday

National Film Board
The Guardian


Mobile design, UX and production
Responsibilities include brainstorming, ideation, production design, mobile UX and design and design support.

Digital design and production
Worked closely with creative/design team, and project managers. I provided support to design leads on interactive elements and managed day-to-day production tasks.

Our goal was to create a fully fleshed experiential documentary with interactive content.


Mobile needed it’s own experience 📲
The desktop experience utilized a custom CSS 3D engine that pushed the limits of the cutting-edge browser. Everything from our custom video player and UI to our custom built infographics would make your MacBook take flight.

With mobile internet usage worldwide surpassing desktop usage 51.3% to 48.7%, it was clear that we needed to offer a mobile experience that provided the same content as desktop.

Collaborating the design team, I proposed a unique solution specifically for mobile, creating wireframes and high fidelity mockups for a fully responsive design that was seamless across all devices. The finished result was achieved through HTML, JS and CSS. 

Industry recognition🏅
The project has gone on to receive industry recognition. It has received numerous industry awards and featured in publications such as Communication Arts and Applied Arts among others.