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Branding and visual design
Responsibilities include research, brainstorming, rapid exploration, visual design, branding,  interaction and production.

Working at Format
Worked closely with creative director, product design team and various departments to create a new holistic visual language for the brand and web app. As designer, I also audited various areas of the product and marketing site and provided solutions to ensure that the new brand lives and breathes better for the user.

Our goal was to empower the freedom of artists by creating tools for them to independently exhibit, market and sell their work.


Why did we choose to rebrand?
The Format brand and web app began to show it's age. Limited by the visual language established in 2015, we performed a brand audit, to better understand how our brand was perceived, and what we could do to communicate with our audience more meaningfully.

Who are we empowering?

Our audience are international english-speaking creative professionals – photographers, graphic designers, digital designers, illustrators, painters, architects and visual artists.

More specifically enthusiasts and professionals – someone who is passionate about their creative endevour and dedicates a significant amount of time to doing and improving upon their craft. However, it may not be their main source of income. A significant number of our users are aspiring creatives who are striving to become creative professionals. We felt a strong obligation to empower them.


Our new identity
The identity uses harsh color combinations, monospace inspirations, dynamic shape arrangements, gradients. Ultimately, we want to convey our brand in a way that is more distinguishable than something like Wix and is less corporiate that something like Squarespace. Our goal is to occupy a different spectrum than them.

Screenshot 2017-11-28 22.27.49Screenshot 2017-11-28 22.27.49

Our look was getting dated
Our old brand was getting dated and it was getting increasingly difficult to stand out within a crowd of look-a-like competitors. Try to guess which website is our's – we couldn't. If you had not heard of Format before or if you had, you might not think too much of it based on the old logo alone, which was very dry for a portfolio website. The old brand had the right idea of being simple and unobstrusive to allow our service to be the main attraction, but it was forgettable.

Exploring possible directions
We knew all of our competitors we doing the "clean" look and doing it well. We wanted to be disruptive and do the complete opposite. One of the first directions is thinking about what the most natural Format rebrand would be – something like a clean update and refresh, as well as exploring our wildest imaginations. We embraced a direction that would allow us to be more confident, interesting and memorable. An identity that would be a perfect fit for our creative audience, but that would not alienate more conservative users.

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